Development of hydrothermal pyrolysis technology, and industrial demonstrator

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Every year, more than 20 million tons of animal-by-products (ABP) are produced as wastes in European slaughterhouses, representing a very significant part of the total amount of industrial and agri-food bio-wastes.

Pyrolysis processes can be used for bio-waste treatment, like ABP, obtaining biodiesel and high oleic acid oils, as well as other recycled sub-products like gelatin and collagen.

Our contribution to the ABP waste treatment and the biodiesel production, has been the development of a hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) pyrolysis complete technology solution, including a pilot demonstrator with capability to process 50Kg/H of ABP category 1/2/3 wastes.

The whole design and development work involved:

  • Engineering design of the HTL pyrolysis plant: main reactor dimensions and structural design, materials selection and technical advice, parameter control instrumentation and sensing, and closed hopper structure and dimensions.
  • Design and development of three stage-reactor process (tri-zone reactor): compression of raw material at room temperature, drag and heat conditioning of raw material, and final cooling (and pressure release) zone.
  • Design and development of pyrolytic fraction separation by decantation and filtration.