Development of children shoe, professional (PPE) and military footwear, adapted to the population of Peru

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:: Material Innovation Lab, Smart Data Analysis and Exploitation

Several Peruvian shoe manufacturers asked us to help them to the develop a shoe adapted to the anthropometric singularities of the Peruvian population, and to be used by three different market targets: children’s shoe, Personal Protective Equipment footwear, and footwear for military and police use.

To obtain enough data to analyze the problem, we designed and developed several digital anthropometric measurement campaigns, with each of the population target groups, and considering the ethnic, anatomical and bio-mechanical changes associated with different geographic areas of Peru (coast, jungle and mountain range). The feet of more than 500 individuals, men and women, from 6 to 71 years of age, where digitized with an open scanner, able to take foot data in less than 15 seconds.

The data of the digitized feet were sent, by telematic, to a cloud data processing center in Sweden, where the 3D geometry was reconstructed and the measurements were automatically obtained. From Sweden, these processed data were sent to Spain, to DESINOPE’s Material Innovation Lab, for treatment and analysis, which allowed us to precisely define and the develop of a «morphological foot prototype» representative of the different Peruvian population sectors.

Using this Peruvian foot prototype as starting point, we proceeded to design new sets of lasts and insoles, adapted to the proportions and standardized measures of the Peruvian population, as well as to the biomechanical and functional requirements of the very different intended uses. Thanks to these lasts and insoles, our clients have been able to manufacture healthy and comfortable footwear adjusted to the needs and requirements of their different target Peruvian population sectors.