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The nature of customizable luxury footwear business, manufactured in ultra-short series, which also allows the expansion (effectively and profitably) of the model towards new brands and distributors, entails a series of problems that required a solution based on Digital Technologies:

  • Provide a simple, intuitive, realistic and attractive medium, matching the quality of the product, so that the buyer can co-design his own personalized footwear.
  • Make the technology solution independent of the computer platform used by the buyer (PC, Mac, Android/Apple Smartphone, Tablet).
  • Integrate an effective production control, to facilitate the manufacture of ultra-short series of product, helping minimize the production errors usually associated to a production framework where each shoe manufactured is different from the others.
  • Facilitate the easy incorporation of new models for sale, as well as the creation of the virtual materials that form the basis of product customization.
  • Provide an optimal solution to the logistical problem associated to individual shipments of consumer goods, as opposed to the traditional model of shipment of products in large parts (from the production center to the marketing center).
  •  Enable a technological model that responds to the new business model; our client does not intend to use this system only for the distribution of his own brand of luxury shoe, but also wants to turn it into the basis of an innovative business model exportable to other brand, individual shop.

To solve these problems, a set of ICT applications has been designed, developed, tested and deployed, centered around a 3D Shoe Configurator in HTML5 format and under support of the WebGL API, which guarantees its multi-device character with ease front-end customization and maintenance (single code version for all devices).

The ICT tool set allows for the control of the manufacturing, marketing and logistics model required by the particularities of the product: footwear co-designed by the buyer with realistic 3D pre-visualization of the final product, with the high-quality materials required by a product sold as a luxury item, and that, far from the usual shoe manufacturing scheme, requires an adaptation of the processes to the demands of the production of ultra-short series of single consumer goods.